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The context for Psychosynthesis Coaching is that each individual, whether an organisational leader or private client, is a unique being with a deep sense of how to realise their purpose and reach their potential to be the best they can be.


Psychosynthesis Coaching assists a client in the "here and now" to explore thoughts, feelings and sensations about the particular challenging situations in their life.


A Psychosynthesis Coach, views, life's challenges as a movement within you towards greater integration of mind, body and emotions.

Through the coaching process, clients are supported as they reach for their personal and organisational goals and a more fulfilling life experience.


By working through challenges, setting goals and developing awareness, a client will find previously hidden resources, strengths and qualities. This process will also help to increase self confidence, open up to more possibilities and create freedom of choice, so that they can make decisions to bring meaning and purpose into their life.

Psychosynthesis Coaching is beneficial to people across a wide range of issues.


Benefits of Coaching for Individuals
  • Learn to solve own problems

  • Improve interpersonal skills

  • Increase confidence

  • Become aware of impact and act on it

  • Improve work/life balance

  • Learn new skills

Benefits for Organisations
  • Improve productivity

  • Support employees to sort out personal issues

  • Demonstrate that company committed to learning and development

  • Support new employees who have been promoted

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