"It can be very hard to find the right person to trust when you are seeking counselling.

In my case I'm so glad I found Gràinne. 

She welcomes me with genuine warmth and kindness, so it is easy to talk to her about anything. I've always found she listens actively, with intelligence and instinct.

She is always subtle and never invasive, but when she does provide feedback or suggestions, she will often turn the way I see a situation on its head.

This is just personal but I will leave her office feeling in control where before I felt in the middle of chaos. When I'm weak, she has shown me I am strong.

I've started to feel different about so many parts of my life since my first session and I admire the way she has been able to help me find my own voice, not impose her own thoughts, and it's happened almost without me realising- I feel more whole now, less confused, and braver. In some areas I feel like I've been given a new start, which I didn't even dare hope for.

I think Gràinne has a genuine talent for healing, or for helping people heal themselves, which is even better and far harder, and I'm grateful I met her.


I cannot thank Grainne enough for helping to facilitate the most profound physical, psychological and spiritual growth in me over the last 8 months.


I have worked with a number of counsellors and her balance of listening, insight, challenge, companionship and the ability to hold a safe space is unparalleled.


I feel like Grainne always meets me in the middle, working with my own language and ideas and skilfully weaving them with me into new ways of thinking.


It is a delight to work with someone with an appreciation for not just the mind and emotions but also the role of the body and soul.


I originally sought Grainne for help with a specific therapeutic issue, what I found was someone who I can call on for therapy, support and coaching in many facets of my life.


Thank you Grainne. I am truly deeply grateful for the work you do.

Deeply grateful for the breadth and depth of your skills and experiences.

Deeply grateful for the safe space you have created that has allowed the wounded parts of me to come out into the light to be healed and reintegrated into who and what I am, and who I am becoming.


"Grainne over the last 10 months has been hugely beneficial as she gently worked me through all the low points and guided me to find that perspective.
I would always recommend Grainne to anyone looking for some kindness, and help to do some true soul searching. She has certainly helped me.” 

"No thought or feeling is ignored and Grainne has really helped me to start valuing myself again.   I feel safe sharing everything and her style of working is engaging and inspiring."



“My journey with Grainne was painful, very emotional and extremely enlightening. She was there with me, she challenged me, yet had such a depth of understanding and what was revealed has been truly amazing! I feel so different now, have a far greater depth of understanding of myself and have learnt to listen to myself, both physically and emotionally. Now I feel that this is only the beginning, and the future looks a lot brighter and very exciting.”


"Grainne has encouraged me to look for creative solutions, to discover my goals and to reveal the true me.  I always feel uplifted afer talking with Grainne and feel that the experience is hugely beneficial."



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