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About me

My Philosophy



Psychosynthesis has been described as a "psychology with a soul".   It was founded by Dr. Roberto Assagioli who practiced as a psychiatrist in Italy and was involved with the early psychoanalytic movement in Europe.

The essential aim of Psychosynthesis is to help people discover their true spiritual nature and utilise this discovery in everyday life.


Psychosynthesis as a psychology helps us to know ourselves and trust in our own unique process of growth and development. It includes the whole person, which is composed of the mind, body, spirit and emotions.


Psychosynthesis encourages us to look at our challenges with compassion and grace, connecting us with our own potential for personal growth, human development and spiritual expansion. Ultimately freeing us to live more meaningful lives in relationship with Self and others.


My Story

I have a natural curiosity about people and relationships and I am passionate about providing a therapeutic space that enables individuals to begin their inner journey.


As a practitioner I work with clients as they focus on their life as a whole, to consider their past and present experiences and to include their future potential.  I also seek to inspire self-reflection, encourage commitment to positive action and promote implementation of concepts, plans and ideas.  


My extensive experience, combined with a compassionate approach, promotes a deep understanding of the complex relationship management skills necessary in today’s world.

For 10 years I was CEO of the well known Helen Rollason Cancer Charity.   In this capacity I worked to improve the services for people with challenging life circumstances following serious illness. 

I have travelled extensively living in Ireland, New Zealand, Thailand, Sweden and the UK.  These experiences have given me a broad knowledge of changing circumstances as well as cultural and environmental differences.

My Training

MA Psychology Middlesex University, UK
Diploma in Psychosynthesis Psychology, Institute of Psychosynthesis, London 
Diploma in Life Coaching, Institute of Psychosynthesis, London 
Diploma in Professional Studies (Counselling) from Anglia Ruskin University, UK
Certificate in Professional Studies (Counselling) from Anglia Ruskin University, UK
Award in Basic Counselling from Central Institute of Technology, NZ

CPCAB Level 6 Certificate in Supervision

Professional Training in the Therapeutic Use of Mindfulness

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