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Helping people find their own path

I am a qualified Psychosynthesis Psychologist, Coach, Counsellor and Group Facilitator who creates a confidential space where clients are able to explore their innermost self,  their relationship with others and the choices they are making.

My Approach

My counselling style is influenced by the work of Roberto Assagioli and Ken Wilbur.

The context I hold is that every individual is unique, so it is important to be flexible and choose approaches that feel right for each client.  To identify areas where people are stuck and to understand the use of their Will.


I understand the importance for clients to be "seen" in their wholeness.  To begin to make sense of their life and to work towards bringing their fragmented parts together.  To support this process of wholeness, I provide  an empathic and loving space where my clients feel emotionally held and unconditionally cared for as they journey towards integration.


During our time together, we may explore memories, belief systems, values, relationships and wonder about how you make decisions.


I may ask you to explore different parts of the personality like the Protector, Inner Critic, Rebel, Vulnerable Child, or Observer. These dialogues can be very valuable in clarifying old patterns and current challenges.


I may draw attention to what you are experiencing in your physical body in the "here and now" or we may work with dreams or other forms of creative expression.

I use meditation and visualisation techniques to reduce stress and open you to deeper layers of yourself. Learning to observe and make room for thoughts, emotions, and body sensations in an open and compassionate manner.

Often you will be encouraged to read or keep a diary between sessions, as well as practise relaxation and meditation techniques. 

Why have Counselling?

Life can be challenging and the support of a counsellor can help greatly.  These turbulent times can create a period of uncertainty and isolation and counselling can provide a safe and confidential space to begin to develop greater self awareness, find meaningful activity and include positive relationships in your life. 


Some of the challenges that people ask for support with are: abuse, addiction, anger, anxiety, bereavement, childhood trauma, conflict, depression, family stress, loss of identity, loss of meaning, mid-life crises, purpose, quarter life crises, redundancy, work related issues

What to expect when you come for counselling
  • Counselling provides a confidential and non judgemental space

  • Sessions last one hour and are made by prior agreement

  • Appointments are normally weekly or bi-weekly

  • My therapy room is a calm oasis which is only used for my clients

  • I meet all my clients in our reception area

  • Payment can be made by bank transfer, cheque or cash

  • Concessions are available for those in need

  • I do ask for 24hrs notice of cancellation of appointments

My counselling room in central Bedford

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